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Testimonials From Our Website Visitors

"Please let me say what a great service you are doing for car buyers everywhere - I recently decided to buy a used car, and if not for your excellent advice on the website - I'm certain I would have been completely taken advantage of."

Cindy G.

"I am a first-time visitor to your highly valuable and informative website! I feel highly grateful that you have taken the time to give people your wealth of knowledge and wise advice -- thank you so very much."

Allen - Pheonix, AZ

"I think you have a great we site! We will definitely use your information to make sure we get the best deal possible when we purchase our next vehicle. Thanks again for providing such a valuable public service!"


"Thank you for your articles. They are very informative and helpful."


"Am I ever enjoying your site! As a fairly inexperienced car buyer I have found your site to be amazing advice and food for thought."

Crystal - Ottawa, Ontario

" I want to let you know that your site is absolutely amazing and one of the most helpful tools I've ever used on the Internet. It's such a sense of security knowing all this information before entering a car dealership because it's a VERY scary experience for me. I've used information from your site at car dealerships which caused their mouths to literally drop to the floor! Thanks again!"

Grace :)

"I went in with all the advice you gave on your website and let me tell you it worked like a charm! Bottom line: Below wholesale and an extra $1,000 off! You are a God send and I cannot thank you enough for the wealth of info on your site. It feels great to know that I am not at the mercy of the car dealers anymore."


"Thank you for a great website. I teach a family consumer class and I plan to share some of your excellent tips with my students. I've listed your name and website in the credits of my class notes, and am also passing along the URL info so they can link to your site."

Dr. Mixon W., CRPC, CFLE
Assistant Professor
Eastern Kentucky University
College of Health Sciences
Department of Family & Consumer Sciences

"This is a great site . . . lots of valuable info! I only wish I had found it 5 days ago!"

Andy & Amanda

"I just found your web site,, and it is Spectacular!"

Alan M.

"First, thanks for all of the enlightening info. I've seen every dirty trick that you've exposed on numerous occasions, so now I go in prepared for battle so that I don't get reamed."

Steve C.

"I've purchased several new cars using your buying guide. I want to say thank you for revealing what really goes on behind closed doors. It felt so good to leave the dealership knowing I scammed them instead of the opposite! Thanks Tony!"

Gary D.

"Just wanted to let you know that the information on your site really came in handy during my new car purchase process. I saved hundreds of dollars thanks to your advice! Thanks!"

Sina L.

"I want to say how much I enjoyed your website. You are truly doing mankind (and womenkind) a great service. Thank you very much."

Patricia C.

"I've been scouring your website . . . I have learned SO much so far. I feel like you're sneaking all of us under aged viewers into an 'R' rated movie! Thank you SO much for website."

Laurie S.

"Your site is the best resource I have seen bar none. Thank you."


"Your site is the the single most useful resource for car buying on the web. Thanks for all the info!"


"Tony Iorio's friendly and frank advice on, and prompt, informative responses to my questions helped me win my small claims court case against my car dealership.

"I am truly thankful to Tony. I would have lost the case without his words of wisdom. Tony knows what he's talking about and is kind enough to share his knowledge with the rest of us. His website should be required reading for anyone in the market for a new or used car. Thanks again Tony. You are making the world a better place by sharing the insider secrets!"

Long Beach, California

"Great website, and many good tips to know when purchasing my next car."


"I just wanted to send you a heartfelt thanks for your great website. I saved over $1500, but closer to $1700 when you consider the interest.

"On behalf of meek car buyers like myself everywhere, thanks and keep up the good work!"


PS - "I'm gonna sell the trade myself! Hope I don't get any potential buyers that have read your website!" :)

"Yours is the most informative website I've seen so far. I am most impressed. Thanks!"

Leo A.

"I have read your website and it has been extremely informative and I thank you so much."


"Tony, first I want to say how much I love your website and how you're doing a wonderful job educating the buying public - who care to know - about the reality of car buying. It's always nice when an insider blows the whistle and cries 'foul'."


"I really, really appreciate all the information and inside tips on your website. I am thinking of purchasing my first car on my own and really didn't know where to begin, but your site has helped me tremendously."

Deanna in Houston, TX

"You are doing a great service to the American consumer! Thank you."

Jordan S.

"It is very rare in this day and age that we meet people who are willing to help as you have helped me and everyone else out there. You are truly a highly valuable asset to consumers, and I sent your site to everyone I know."


"Thank you Tony. Keep up the good work by keeping us, the consumers, armed for battle in the car buying battle field!!"


"I am a first-time visitor to your highly valuable and informative website!  I feel highly grateful that you have taken the time to give people your wealth of knowledge and wise advise -- thank you so very much."


"Your articles are very enlightening and I will be checking in on this sight as my needs progress. Thank you."


"I really appreciate your web site, the information you give out is priceless."

Mike N.

"First and foremost.. I love your website. It has taught me some valuable lessons before we go purchase our KIA Sorento."


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Jamie R.

"I just found your sight and am amazed at the wealth of good information."


"From what I've read over the past 30 minutes or so, I'm astonished at what dealers can get away with.  Thanks for the invaluable service you're providing car owners by making all this information available."


"I would like to say I am very impressed with the information available on your website.  I think everyone should be aware of this information before they even think about buying a car."

Courtney L.

"Tony....Just wanted take a moment to praise your superb efforts for providing an excellent website for educating consumers.  Thanks."

Mike C.

"I've just now stumbled into your web site, and I'm already blown away by what you've written in The Most Closely Guarded Secret in the Car Business!

"I've never owned a new vehicle ever....always bought second-hand for 30 years. I've just gotten to a place where I'd like to get a car I know hasn't had any history for a change.... one I can call my very own.

"Don't get me wrong, I've loved every one of the ol' beaters, but....well, I've been pricing new cars.....however, I'm careful, and cost-conscious, so needed more info.  After reading just that one page on your site, I've learned something new and valuable!!

"I will be back to read some more tonight, but just wanted to say THANK YOU for your web site."

Canadian Cutie

"Thank you so much for the site.  I used the site advice in recently purchasing a new Honda Accord EX V6.  Your site armed me with all the essential information and made me aware of the various dealership selling strategies and tactics, so I was well prepared to deal with the Salesman, Sales Manager, and Finance Manager.

"Your advice is very timely and effective.  Again, thank you"


"Tony....I want to thank you for your came in very handy.  Your tips and tricks probably saved me about $2,500 to $3,000 on this car....I certainly appreciate it!"


"Hi Tony!  Thank you so much for your advice and also your help.  I am glad that I came upon your website when I needed help.  Take care my friend.  God Bless!"


"Tony....I love your website.  It has answered many questions for me.  I will definitely recommend your website to all my 'girlfriends' looking to buy cars in the future!  Thank you!"


"I love your website and the articles you write.  Thanks!"


"Hi Tony!  I just read through your entire site and wanted to thank you for taking the time to inform us and helping to keep people honest--need more of that these days.  Thanks a million!"


"Dear Tony....I am a 20 year old new car sales person from New England.  I just visited your site for the first time and it cracked me up.  You were dead on the nose with the jargon used in the dealerships.  You also gave some great tips on how to be on the defensive when buying a vehicle.

"I would also like to say that I am one of the most honest sales people in the industry.  I have been selling for 2 years now and 65% of my sales are from repeat and/or referrals.  My customers love me!!  Probably because I make it a point to remember names, and I call to follow up on how things are going with the vehicle I have sold them.

"Your website is great.  Keep up the good work, but also let them all know there are still honest salespeople and managers in the industry.  ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS!"


"Hey Tony, great site - very, very helpful!  Thanks so much Tony.  I'll send my friends to your site first!"


"Hi Tony!  I just want to say thank you for making a site like this.  It really helps to know what to do, and what not to do.

"I just wanted to say Thank you!  Driving my car couldn't be better knowing I got a car I wanted with an awesome price!  I will definitely let people around me know about this website.  Thanks a million and a huge Hug!!"


"I'm a General Sales Manager of a large dealership.  You obviously do have the experience in your explanations of how the whole automobile industry machine works.  To anyone buying a car you offer solid helpful advice."


"Your site was a valuable tool in my new auto purchase you saved me thousands!  Thank You!"


"Hi Tony!  Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I bought my car today, and I couldn't have done it without your advice and information.

"I was dreading the whole experience, and thanks to you I DON'T feel as though I got 'taken'....I almost feel a little guilty!  I sold my car privately in the end, and I know I got more for it than at the dealer's.   So, all in all, I'm very happy!

"The advice I found the most useful was to focus entirely on the price of the car.  As a single woman, the car buying experince was very intimidating, and I made sure I did my homework!

"Quotation services ie/ InvoiceDealers, Autobytel, Carcostcanada etc... are great for the peace of mind knowing what you SHOULD be paying for your new car!  It means you can bargain from a position of power, not at the dealer's mercy.

"Also, having my financing ready made a huge difference for me.  I didn't set foot in a dealership until I had my money (and my facts) ready.

"As you say Tony, you can save thousands of dollars if you take the time to be informed.  It worked for me!

"I'm grateful for your information and your support....BIG HUG!!!....Thanks again Tony!"


"TONY....Great Web Site!  Read It And It Worked For Me.

"Went shopping for a 2001 Toyota Tacoma double cab pick up, Limited Edition, with off-road-package, and ABS, silver in color.

"5 dealers wouldn't come off the sticker, saying this is a hard truck to find, which is true.  Not many in New Jersey.

"I went to one more dealer (total of 6), we talked, and he stated this truck goes for $28,000 and change (MSRP), I offered 3% above invoice, which is $25,116 the Sales Manager came over, and agreed to the deal in writing!!!!!  With this price of $25,116 he gave me Undercoating and Rustproofing, and also an Extended Warranty (6 yrs., 100,000 miles) for $725.00!

"I feel I got a great deal as a result of your very informative web site.  Without your information I would have been taken 'Big Time!'"

Joe B.

"Tony - First of all, your site kicks ass and has helped me understand the whole process much better.

"We went in yesterday before reading your site and made every mistake you warned against.  After reading your site, I'm actually getting excited about going to a car lot and knowing how to deal with the salesmen.  Thanks!  You and your site are the best!"

Josh H.

"Tony....Thanks for your quick response and educated advice of which I'll follow word for word.  In the mean time, I'll make sure everyone knows which web site to go to learn the 'tricks of the trade.'"


"Exceptionally Informative!!!"


"Thanks Tony!  Thanks for helping me to get a car deal that was less than 1% over invoice!  Your website is a God send.  If I hadn't found your website I would have been really screwed around.  I appreciate all the information that you have shared and I wish you all the best. God Bless You!"


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