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Insights Into What SOME Car Salespeople Think About Their Customers!

By Tony Iorio

Following are some actual quotes from "SOME" real life car salespeople when asked "What do customers do or say to tick you off?" Hold onto your seats!

  1. "What really pisses me off is the idiots making a measly $4,000 to $6,000 a month, and looking down on me. I make about $7,000 a month, and wish I could rip out my check stub and let them take a good look at it."
  2. "I love the ones who say 'I don't want to go shopping. Just give me your best price.' After you give them a price they say 'I can get a better deal from XYZ or ABC.' Guess what, your shopping idiot."
  3. "I love the person who tells you they are a citizen, wants that super low rate....then waste your day. When all is said and done...they score a 530, they're a 'Get Me Done'.....because they jackpotted you. They couldn't buy a car with a 60 month deposit! Talk about being honest." (Simple translation to you Internet car shoppers: They Have Bad Credit and They Lied!!)
  4. "How can you 'out-smart' a car salesman that sells more cars in 1 week than most people buy in their entire life? I've seen it all and can handle any situation. Idiots like this get 'walked' without a second thought. NEXT!"
  5. "Tell someone we have a certain vehicle when we don't = 50% chance of a sale.

    "Tell them we don't have it = 0% chance of sale.

    "If you ain't cheating you ain't trying."

  6. "I have been selling cars for 5 years, and I sell more cars in 2 weeks than most people buy in their whole lives. I average about 25-30 cars sold a month. I work about 60-72 hours a week and last year I made $85,000 and on pace for over $100,000 this year. I have seen it all.

    When you come on my lot you have about 5 minutes to convince me you are buying today or you are gone. Hurts your feelings? So what....NEXT."

    "Damn right I'm going to ask you if you are buying today or walk right up to you and say 'What can I sell you today.' It is a numbers game. The less time I waste with tire-kickers the more 'ups' or 'pigeons' I can wait on.

    "I have total control on my lot, if I give the customer one ounce of control I will not sell the vehicle. I would not recommend this philosophy to every car salesman, but it works very well for me and puts big money in my pocket. To quote a famous wrestler 'I'm that damn good.'"

  7. "In the auto industry salespeople are taught to not stereotype or 'pre-qualify' consumers, this is to better ensure no good opportunities are missed by the salespeople. The consumer would do himself a great service adhering to the same practice. If I'm lying, I'm wasting MY time as well as the customers."

What can I say folks! This is what you're up against when you go car shopping! All I can say is "YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!"

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