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A Tough Way to Learn a Lesson on Car Leasing!

Greetings pal.

Great site! Just wanted to add my little experience to your list of dealer horror stories. This is not so much the dealers fault as it was my own stupidity!

We went to a car dealer in NY to look at a car. It was a late Sunday afternoon, and the dealer had an advertisement "$50 down, $250 a month payment" on a Mitsubishi lease.

Well they gave me the royal treatment. Put me in the car, explained all of the features, and even told us that the warranty covered everything except the brakes and AC. Now, after we put down $1,500 (I know-- I just stated that only $50 was required---of course we were idiots for not factoring in taxes, security deposit, etc) we were told we could pick up the car on Monday.

Yes, we were foolish for leaving our money at the dealer without the car. I did not realize this at the time but . . . what bank do you know that's open on Sunday?

When we arrived on Monday the salesman had a concerned look on his face. Then he told us there was a "problem." The bank did not approve me for the loan on the Mitsubishi, but he had a different Mitsubishi model for me all ready to go.

This car was not part of their special so now my monthly payments would be a $100 more at $369. I felt disappointed because I couldn't get the one I wanted.

Now, the salesman goes into his attack mode. He tells me that this car will help build my credit, and that I shouldn't fell bad because everyone wants the top-level car, but may have to settle for something cheaper (then why are my payments $100 more a month? Of course with me being a novice at this I did not ask this obvious question). So I said OK.

Now here is the lease that I signed....42 months, warranty on the car 37,500 mi (don't forget the brakes and AC are NOT covered), and the best part...the total limits on the mileage I was allowed was 35,000!

Now fast forward to today. I am currently paying off $4800 on a car I DO NOT HAVE. The lease ended in January and I was WAAAAAYYYY over the miles I was allowed. If I had done some research on leasing, and car buying period there is no way in HELL I would have signed that lease.

Let your readers know pal....DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU BUY OR LEASE NOT AFTER. Here I was in February going through one of the most brutal winters I can remember, cold, freezing my ass off, waiting on public transportation, because I made a rush to judgment by letting a fast talking salesmen who, probably had a nice car to ride in, into making me feel guilty by leasing a vehicle I had no business leasing.

Charles G.

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