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Here's a Case of a Car Dealer Reneging on Promises to Repair a Used Vehicle Sold to This Customer.

Hello Tony

My husband and I went to a used car dealer in Stayner, Ontario and bought a Van. When we were first looking at it I asked the dealer Alex Coutts if the van had air conditioning and he said "yes." I then asked if it worked and he said yes it worked but it needed topped up, and that he had the stuff there and would have it done.

He said that the ABS (anti-lock brakes) light was on and that he would make sure it was fixed. I agreed to buy the vehicle signed the papers and he said he would have everything done and ready to pick up on the Saturday. We picked the Van up on Saturday. On the way home we found that the air didn't work, the ABS light was still on and a wiper on the back that he said he would replace was not put on.

I called Alex and he told me that he forgot to put the freon in the air conditioner and had bought the wiper blade and forgot to put it on. He said to bring the van back the following week and he would have the ABS light fixed.

We took it back and left it with him and when I came back to pick it up he said that the belt had been missing from the air conditioner and that he had replaced it but it made this terrible whining sound but it would quit as soon as the belt ran for a little while and stupid me believed him. He also said that the air ran a little cold but it would work itself out. Alex also said that he had to make an appointment with a different garage for the ABS and that he would call later that afternoon with an appointment.

Needless to say the sound got worse and you could smell something burning. We took the van to a mechanic that was a friend and he said that it was the compressor going bad. Also when the air conditioner was off it made the same sound when I turned the fan on and whenever I started the van it made the noise.

My husband called the next day and Alex said that it was our problem to go to a wreckers and get one ourselves. As I was going past the dealership I stopped in to talk to them about it and as I was coming up the street I saw Alex walking towards the dealership in the opposite side of the road. I pulled into the dealership and watched him in my mirror, he started across the road, seen me and turned around and headed back down the street.

I pulled out and cut him off at a corner and all he would say is that Marty (his partner) said and I told him that I didn't care what Marty said that I wanted the van fixed as he said it would be. When I mentioned the air conditioner he said that Marty said "it blew cold air so therefore it worked." He also said that I could not expect them to spend 2 or 3 thousand dollars fixing it. On top of it all he never made the appointment for the ABS and I am pretty sure that he has no intention of fixing that either.

I feel that this jerk has ripped off more people off than us. If anyone is smart they will never buy a car from CAR SMART located in Stayner, Ontario. Is there anything that I can do, or did they totally succeed in screwing me. I paid for the van in full.

Cathy P.

My Response to . . .

Hi Cathy,

What a jerk this car dealer is. You know, here in the states, when a business screws someone over you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint with the state Attorney General's office.

If you have a BBB there, lodge a complaint with them, and if your government has any kind of consumer protection division you should file a complaint with them as well. You could even talk to an attorney to see if you can sue this guy.

All my very best to you . . .

Tony Iorio

Car Smart located in Stayner, Ontario is welcome to respond to these allegations. I will be happy to publish their response.

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