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This Car Buying Story Demonstrates How Some Car Dealer's Could Care Less About Their Customers Once They Get Them to Sign on the Dotted Line!

I bought a demo Pacifica from McDonagh Chrysler - Jeep in East Brunswick, NJ a few days ago. There was a noise when I turned the steering wheel. They agreed to fix it under warranty. I picked it up the next day without doing a walk around of the car as it was backed in so I couldn't see the rear of the car.

I drove my Pacifica home (2 blocks) and discovered the entire back end was pushed in. It was obvious that someone had damaged the lift gate while at McDonagh Service Dept. The extent of the damage had to create a very loud nose and alert everyone in the area, yet latter, no one heard or saw anything!!

I took my Pacifica back to McDonagh. The Serve Manager, Jeff Kanc said "tough! You should have reported it before you took it."

There is $1,800 in damages. I filed a report with the East Brunswick police Dept.

I met with Mr. Mark Inshassi - General Sales Manager at McDonagh; He said, "Can't help you!"

This is the sixth car that I bought or leased from McDonagh and it will surely be the last one! They obviously do not value a loyal repeat customer. If an established customer is treated this way, how would a first time buyer expect to be treated?

Lee B.

NOTE: McDonagh Chrysler - Jeep is invited to comment on Lee's story. I will gladly publish their relevant comments.

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