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A Story About How a Car Dealer Failed to Live Up to Contracted Promises Made to It's Customers!

When I purchased my Stratus and extended warranty at Amsterdam Dodge dealership in Amsterdam, New York, I was given "Free For Life Oil Change And Filter" (for as long as I own the car.)

The Service Department and Mr. Leo Pokerman tell me they have canceled the program and it is no longer offered. I ask Mr. Pokerman how the dealership can break a contract they offered me. I up held my end of the contract and paid for my vehicle on time, I even paid it off one year early. Mr. Pokerman starts reading off my service history saying I got my free oil changes, but decline the Tech's RECOMMENDED SERVICES.

There are no stipulations saying I have to get recommended services done at the dealership or the car dealership will break the contract. If I broke my end of the contract and didn't make my payments the dealership would have taken my car back.

Mr. Pokerman starts telling me how the car dealership was loosing out because I got around $500 worth of oil changes with my "FREE FOR LIFE OIL AND FILTER."

I told Mr. Pokerman to go all the way back in my service history to were I owned the car for two weeks, brought it in several times for a bad pull and they never fixed it and told me I had to buy four new tires.

Then told him how about the Extended Warranty I bought and used I believe one time to have the front hubs and bearings replaced. I pick the car up at the dealership service department drive about 30 miles north with my wife and kids in the car and the HUB came off, it was never bolted back on properly destroying the bearing!

When I called the Service Department from the side off the road they told me it was a new problem and had nothing to do with the work that they had just finished and refused to have it towed and told me there was no place in Glens Falls I could take it to be looked at, it had to come back to Amsterdam!

I told Mr.Pokerman that is when I stopped having any service work done in their Service Department. He then tells me that buying an extended warranty is a gamble like buying life insurance when you die you get nothing and still tries to make it sound like the dealership is loosing out and I'm taking advantage of the "FREE FOR LIFE OIL CHANGE AND FILTER" program given to me with the purchase of my vehicle and extended warranty that I paid off early.

I guess the dealership took the same gamble with offering the "Free For Life Oil Change and Filter," feel they are loosing out so they just break a legal contract offered with a sale.

He then continues trying to make more money for the dealership and tries to get me to buy a new car from him. At that point I told Mr.Pokerman that I was trying to resolve an issue with the dealership not holding up there end of a sales contract with there customers and that I didn't think I would ever be buying from Chrysler-Dodge-Plymouth dealership again, and that I was calling the Better Business Bureau.

Mr. Pokerman told me to go ahead and call the BBB. I understand the program was cancelled, fine then do not offer it to new customers or with new sales, but I purchased my car four years ago and the "Free For LIFE Oil Change And Filter" is part of your contract with me so please honor it.

Thank You,


My Answer to Ray:

Hi Ray,

What a jerk this Pokerman guy is! The fact that he doesn't have the integrity to stand behind a promise made to you when you bought your vehicle tells you all you need to know about him and his dealership.

The hub coming off after they worked on it and them brushing you off in that way proves that these guys are just a bunch of crooks. I know it's a matter of principle, but do you really want these jerks changing your oil? They might forget to refill it and when your motor burns up down the road they will just tell you "too bad!"

Definitely file a complaint with the BBB and you ought to look into filing a complaint with your state's Attorney General's office too.

For what it's worth I'll definitely post this story on my website when I get time. Make sure you tell everyone who will listen to you that this dealer is as crooked as they come.

All my best to you . . .

Tony Iorio

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