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This Person Bought a Used Vehicle From a Popular Used Car Chain, Had All Kinds of Mechanical Problems, and Found Out the Vehicle Had Been Wrecked. Then the Car Dealer Refused to Stand By a Company Guarantee!

Hi Tony,

Your website is wonderful!

Here's my experience:

I purchased a Chevy Blazer with 29,242 miles. Yes, that's what it showed and the car dealership (AutoNation-Dallas) represented.

The CARFAX report came up clean too!

Well, needless to say, I never got it home the day it was purchased. It overheated, red lined and the water pump went out.

I called them and they came and towed it in to be fixed. Well, that was all well and good. But, I now wanted my money back. They had a 3-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

When I got the Blazer back on the second day of this 3-day policy, I had emailed my salesman with my concerns. He and his General Manager wouldn't take it back. They kept on and on promising to fix EVERYTHING!

Ok . . . I let it go for a bit . . . The following week I took it in for my little "laundry list" of things to be done. One major concern was the wind noise coming in by the driver's side right by one's ear; and this "rattle" on the left back door.

Well, come to find out, the driver's door had been replaced. The service writer told me that because the VIN info was missing. Well then the pieces started coming together. That is why the piece of metal was in the glove box with all the VIN stuff on it with masking tape on the edges. It was in fact the cut out section of the replaced door!

With the back door, the bottom hinge that secures the door to the body, well, it was all the way in the holes! That is where the rattle was coming from.

They also had to see why the running boards lights weren't working. (I don't want to list EVERYthing here, but there is more)

That day when I took it back in, it again was over heating.

They replaced the radiator and all the hoses, fixed both doors, replaced the weather stripping on the driver's door and pulled the door post out . . . that is why the air was coming through . . . the door didn't meet the door jam properly.

Ok, they did give me a rental, and 10 days later, I got it back again.

Now, the heater doesn't work. I took it back in yesterday. The last visit, they stated they drained and pressure tested the heater core. Well, guess what, it still didn't work. No telling how long this will take.

I do have to mention here, this purchase was made on Aug 31st, and on Sept 2, I tried to return it, and they refused even though they advertise a 3-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Well, the second time the car was in there, I was getting a wee bit angry to say the least.

You see, I knew I would get my money back somehow . . . I had all the emails from the salesman, everything. Plus, you see, I made this purchase on my credit card. So, with their refusal to take it back, and finding out it had been wrecked, I disputed the charge on the credit card for defective merchandise.

I have also now filed a claim with the Department of Transportation Enforcement and the Attorney General's office. I wanted them to replace the vehicle with "like kind" or provide me with an extended warranty free of charge, but no, they won't do either.

Guess what... they are now willing to refund me all the purchase price, including tax and title fees.

I would love to know where and how do I let someone know that this VIN number vehicle has been wrecked to further warn any other potential buyer.

Thanks for you help and reading this very wordy story.


Read My Response to This Story

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