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You Want to Talk About Being Shafted by a Car Dealership? This Poor Customer Ran Into the "Bonnie & Clyde" of Car Dealers!

I recently saw your website from a Google search that I did. I have a very detailed situation that I am trying to resolve with a dealership. The following is what transpired:

I was on a lot at the end of August. I picked out a Mitsubishi Montero. I noticed that the back left fiberglass panel was bubbled out. An individual came out to inspect the car and stated that he was going to fix it.

I went back into the dealership and the Sales Manager came out shook my hand and said we got you done at $389 a month for 48 months. When I sat down in the Finance Office the contract was shown to me for signature at $444 a month for 54 months with Gap Insurance already on the contract.

When I asked what happened to the deal the Sales Manager said we had. The Finance Manager said that deal is "dead!" I signed the contract.

When I went out to drive my new car home the back left panel was still bubbled out. I informed the Sales Manager that I was told this would be fixed. The Used Car Sales Manager came out and said that it was too expensive for them to fix!

A few days later I get a call from the bank. They wanted to cross check the options that were on the SUV. They asked me if the unit had leather seats and a sun roof. I told them no. They informed me that the dealer had told them my auto had these amenities. This of course inflated the value of the unit and justified the lenders advance.

I went out to the dealer and met with the sales Manager personally.(The same one that shook my hand and said I would pay $389 at 48!} I informed him of what I learned. He said that this was just a mistake and was easily corrected.

We went into a Finance Office. He called the Finance Manager that I signed the contract with. They both agreed that the unit was over valued by $1,500. They told me to come in the next day and sign a new contract that would reflect a $1,500 reduction to the amount financed. This, per the Sales Manager would drop my payment by $30 a month.

I show up the next day. The Sales Manager is not there. I meet with the Finance Manager who agreed the day before to redo my contract. He tells me that they are not going to redo my contract. They are going to pay a $900 penalty fee to the bank for over-valuing the unit. I leave with nothing done as per the agreement by both of them the day earlier.

Keep in mind that the Finance Manager also told me that the bank had already funded the deal. Feeling very uncomfortable about my situation. I call the bank. I ask them if the dealer paid them a penalty fee of $900 for misrepresenting the value of the unit. They said no!

They also told me that they haven't yet funded the deal. At that time, I told the bank not to fund the deal as I would not pay for it and would be returning it. I called the dealer and spoke to the Sales Manager. I explained to him that I wanted to return the unit. He told me I couldn't because they have wholesaled my car and that they were funded on my deal.

I have both the Sales Manager and the finance Manager both lie to me regarding the funding of the deal. I told them to get my car back. He said he would see what he could do. I've been in and I now have a "he said - she said situaiton now for a few weeks.

The Sales Manager called me a few days ago and stated that they would fix the back left panel of my car at no charge. When I asked them to do this before I purchased the unit they wouldn't do it, stating that it would cost too much. Now they want to fix it for free!

It is my understanding that a dealer is not allowed to dispose of a customer's trade-in until they get funded on the new deal. It is also my understanding that my contract is void now, because the dealer misrepresented it by overstating its value saying that it had leather seats and a sun roof. Either way, I want out of this deal and I want my car back.

Please let me know what I can do. I need some good advice on this. The dealer pulled a fast one, but thanks to checks and balances by the bank, I found out. How do I resolve this?



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