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These People Bought a Brand New Car Only to Have the Car Dealer's Incompetent Service Department Turn the Experience Into a Total Nightmare for Them!

Hi Tony,

I really enjoyed reading your website.

I purchased a brand new Hyundai Sonata GLS V6 color black on Sept. 5, At THOMPSON HYUNDAI in Dundalk, Maryland.

The salesman was fair, I had also done my homework and researched the car I wanted. I knew the invoice / retail / sticker. I knew there were holdbacks, incentives, promotions, rebates, and I let them know I knew when they started.

We did ok with the sale. The dealer sold us the add-on package of putting a clear wax sealer on the paint finish and added in the fabric protection. I had researched the prices for the car as well as dealer add-ons. I knew the price for the sealant and they did just throw in the fabric protection (otherwise I would have done it myself with 3M). That is not the problem.

I was told to bring the Car back the following Friday. (I dropped it off Thursday night prior) to have the sealant put on. They use and outside company to service this add-on (Zebarts in Dundalk, MD).

When they came to pick the car up they did a complete check on the car to make sure they are not held responsible for things that were there already. They checked it over and there were no marks, dents or scratches. When they dropped it off they checked it again with the dealership. There were no marks, scratches or dents.

The problem is the time between them dropping the car off and me coming to pick it up someone had backed into the bumper and not only scratched it but dented as well.

When I arrived to pick up the car we did a walk around to check the car and found the damage. I went into the dealership and notified them of the damage. They took a look and were very confused how that happened. (They park the new cars along side the customer cars as well as employee's cars, so really it is any wonder more cars are not damaged on a regular basis?)

They told us to bring the car back next Friday and it would be repaired. (They said oh it will only take a half hour!) The woman had no idea what she was talking about. I know little about car body work, but I knew enough to know they had to wet sand and repaint as well as remove the dent, so it would definitely take more time then what she stated.

Again we dropped it off the night before and informed them it would be more then a 1/2 hour job. When we went to pick the car up we looked at the car before going into the dealership. It was terrible.

They had done the job. however what we saw was not what you would expect (except from a bad car repair). We first noticed that the bumper was in fact not repaired but just painted over as well as over spray on the entire rear of the car trunk lid, fenders and window.

The buff wax was visible all over. There were white specks in the paint. There were new scratches and the dent was still noticeable. You could tell they did not cover the area (nothing was masked off, with the overspray everywhere and the tag had black paint on it too).

Not to mention that someone had opened a soda and spilled soda over the entire front of the car, front fenders and over the hood spilling down the other side. I went into the dealership and would not take my keys until they went out to actually see the car and the damage.

There current solution is for me to bring in the car next Friday (they apparently only have repairs done on Friday) and it will be fixed. They washed off the soda that was on the front, and the dirt that they left on from the last repair before we left with the car.

At this point I am very upset. I bought a brand new car and it has been damaged by the dealer. They have botched up the repair. aside from that I now have a car that has body repair.

This is my first new car and it has been anything but exciting and fun or a great experience. I am very disappointed. What are my rights at this point since they have now created more damage then was originally there? I just want a new car like I purchased.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.

Lisa & Martin
Essex, Md.

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