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This is Such a Heart-Wrenching Story. A Classic Example of How Some (Not All) Car Dealerships are Willing to Take Advantage of Someone (in This Case an Elderly Woman) for the Sake of the Almighty Car Deal! It's a Sad State-of-Affairs to be Sure, and it Really Ticks Me Off!! Be sure to read to the bottom to find out how this mess worked out!


Letter to my Son:

I didn't want to tell you this, I was hoping I could fix it.

I went to a place to see what it would cost to fix my car, they told me maybe $1,500. Then I went to the local new car dealer to see what they could do for me. Dad always went there for repairs.

As soon as I drove up, a salesman came running out to greet me, "how you doing," casual conversation. I told him about the problem I had with the engine light and that I was moving out of state where I had to get it inspected and wanted to know what I could get for my car on a trade.

(He later told other salesmen, I jumped out of the car and said "I want a convertible"), the reality is, after some casual conversation about my car and some interest in maybe a trade, he said "What would you like to have", "A convertible", I said, not that I intended to buy one!

After 7 hours in their building, leaving twice, (only to be followed), I ended with a car and owing $16,000. This was not my intention. I just came to look and try to get an estimate on what my car might be worth and see what they had that I could afford with cash.

The last couple hours I was there, I felt like I was in a blur, back and forth, back and forth, 2 guys sitting next to me trying to haggle with me, what would it take, what would it take, let me play with the numbers, I'm trying to think in my head, and being embarrassed with inner fear and wanting to look like I was strong.

I guess I never thought it was going to be a deal because they never asked for any money.

I didn't know I was weakening with their sales tactics. I guess I buckled under the pressure of hearing "what would it take", "let me play with the numbers and see how low I can get the payment" it was kind of uncomfortable, but I did not want to show that, is it possible to be weak on the inside and look strong on the outside.

I can't explain why I kept going, (I did leave twice and they followed me and talked me into coming back inside) I think, so as not to look stupid or weak. I never got what I could afford, a couple times they tried to make it sound like I did, the numbers always seemed different than what they said, I just wish they would have let me go.

With the salesman and the manager (I guess that's who he was) Let us lower the price, lower the payment, etc. over and over. Good guy, Bad guy.

It just seemed like the salesman was my friend and trying to help me. He would say lets try to get it for this price, $200 month payment and 2 years maintenance contract (which I always thought meant free) and other stuff. I thought, "what can it hurt". He would go away and come back with the other guy and the other guy would shake my hand and then I would sit there for another hour and then they sent me over to the finance guy to sign all the papers.

I kept asking to see the actual price of the car, (that was the last paper I got to see) after quickly signing a dozen papers. And then it all stopped, (everything they just told me had nothing to do with the numbers I saw on the thing they wanted me to sign). I said never, and left and then they came after me, come back in we can make a amazing deal, along with all the casual conversation to calm me down. (I still can't figure out why I didn't leave), conversation is a powerful thing.

I wanted to find out what my car insurance would cost, so my salesman got the number and called them, giving them all the information and then put me on the phone. The guy on the other end of the line said, is this the car you are going to buy, I didn't answer him, he asked me again and I turned around and told the salesman "He's asking me if I'm going to buy this car" {Who Does That} and then I hung up. He asked me what I said, I told him I didn't answer him, I think this was my heart trying to tell my mind what to do, I don't know.

So, he called back again and after he had a person ready to ask the question, I said "I guess, so" very quietly, he had to ask me twice, Are you buying this car? Yes, I said, I was afraid to say No.

So, this process started all over again, I think I was numb by then. What do you want to pay for it, so I wrote a crazy number, let me go check with the manager, leaving me to sit alone again, back again, Nope, he said, we gotta play with the numbers. I think I was getting worn down and didn't know it. Then the manager came over again and agreed. So again I was sent to the Finance Guy to sign a huge amount of papers, again, not being able to see the most important piece of paper till the end. I don't believe I truly realized how serious this was.

I kept telling them, I really shouldn't spend any of this money I have in my CD and I only make $800 a month plus $200 on my CD, who's going to lend me money with that. I told him that I need that money for supplementing my income. The manager sat down and with his trusty pencil and showed me how it wouldn't make much difference in the interest I would get.

I didn't even know who was financing this, I didn't get a copy of the form, I called and they told me the name of the bank. I really can't understand any bank wanting to lend $17,000 to someone of my income level. I don't even remember signing a form for them to give away my information. Why didn't they give me a copy of that? Actually, all they knew was what I made for social security and interest, I guess I did tell them about my CD.

I didn't sleep at all that night and realized in the middle of the night, they didn't even give me the check they promised to pay 6 months of my car insurance. So I got in a car, I only drove once before, with no sleep, still reeling from the realization of what I had done and drove up there, something I will regret for a long time. I was in a terrible state of mind and blindly went through a school crossing zone while speeding and when the officer stopped me, I couldn't even tell him what I had done and after he told me, I was so shocked, I had never done anything like that as long as I have lived. I am being punished severely for that.

They made me wait so long for the check and I was kicking myself so hard for everything. I just wanted to get out of this deal and get my old car back, this one was bad news for me. I begged them to let me out of the contract, I knew this was something I was going to regret for a very long time. I have no business in that car.

I kept explaining to them about my low income and that I needed what I had to supplement my income. If only they hadn't followed me out the door twice, why didn't they leave me alone?

Name Withheld by Request


I wish I could say this was the first time I've heard a story like yours, but sadly I've heard similar stories before. I even recall working in a car dealership early on in my career where another salesman and the Sales Manager were working over an older woman on a car deal to the point to where they had her crying. That was a real eye opener for me, and in time was one of the motivating factors in establishing this website.

It is my hope that other people will read what you went through, and somehow be able to avoid getting caught up in the same pressure-cooker these jerks put you through.

I wish you all the best, and my prayers are with you . . .

God Bless . . .

Tony Iorio

Hi Tony,

They recinded the deal and gave my car back and took theirs back, but not before many pleading e-mails and a sharp nod from the bank!


This is such great news! I'm so happy that you got them to reverse that deal. The way they treated you was just so wrong. Nothing ticks me off more than someone perceiving an older person as being weak and an easy mark. I'm proud of you for standing up to them.

It's so important that people see what can potentially happen to them if they're not prepared.

I wish you all the very best . . .

God Bless . . .

Tony Iorio

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