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Car Dealer Horror Stories...

The following list of stories were sent to me from visitors to this web site. They are real and they make you wonder how some car dealers can possibly stay in business treating customers this way! Read and learn from them!

Got a good story about how a car dealer tried to rip you off? Send it to me and I'll add it to the list! E-mail your story by clicking here.

You may also want to read the Questions & Answers section of this website.
  1. The Latest Car Dealer Horror Story....This is Such a Heart-Wrenching Story. A Classic Example of How Some (Not All) Car Dealerships are Willing to Take Advantage of Someone (in This Case an Elderly Woman) for the Sake of the Almighty Car Deal! It's a Sad State-of-Affairs to be Sure, and it Really Ticks Me Off!!

  2. Car Dealer Horror Story #1....This poor guy was lied to and the dealer tried to steal his down payment! Unbelievable!

  3. Car Dealer Horror Story #2....Another case where the dealer lied, they tried to rip this guy off and the manager was even hiding when all this was going on!

  4. Car Dealer Horror Story #3....You can't believe what this girl went through. When this dealer was done with her she ended owing 4 times what the car was worth....and she didn't even have it anymore!

  5. Car Dealer Horror Story #4....I have never seen a case where a car dealer treated one of it's customers so badly! This car dealer should be absolutely ashamed of himself. He's a disgrace to the car business!

  6. Car Dealer Horror Story #5....A story where a car buyer was at the mercy of an unscrupulous car dealer, and was left holding the bag after her insurance company paid off the actual value of the car, not what she owed on it.

  7. Car Dealer Horror Story #6....Here's a story of how you can be taken advantage of if you are inexperienced and you haven't done your homework....and why you can't ever believe car dealer ads.

  8. Car Dealer Horror Story #7....Here's a guy who learned some very valuable lessons, and offers some excellent advice.

  9. Car Dealer Horror Story #8....You won't believe what this car dealer put this customer through! It doesn't get much sleazier than this! Read and learn...especially if you credit isn't perfect.

  10. Car Dealer Horror Story #9....This is a story about a car dealer who sold this unsuspecting customer a New Honda that had been wrecked. Of course, the car dealership failed to mention that fact to the customer!

  11. Car Dealer Horror Story #10....These poor people had so many problems with their car dealer, including one very serious one!

  12. Car Dealer Horror Story #11....Here's a classic example of why you should always prearrange your car loan before you go to the car dealer!

  13. Car Dealer Horror Story #12....Yet another example of the importance of prearranging your car loan, and a very important lesson about trading a car with a payoff!

  14. Car Dealer Horror Story #13....A typical example of the kind of people who give the car business the bad reputation it has...even in Canada!

  15. Car Dealer Horror Story #14....Here's an example of how some unscrupulous car dealers use false advertisements just to get you in the door, so they can then switch you to a more expensive vehicle!

  16. Car Dealer Horror Story #15....This is a great example of what can happen if you believe car dealers are acting in your best interests!

  17. Car Dealer Horror Story #16....This story will give you some insight into the kind of sleazy stuff that goes on in the car dealer's finance office!

  18. Car Dealer Horror Story #17....Here's a story about a new car dealership Service Manager who doesn't understand the meaning of the word "Service!"

  19. Car Dealer Horror Story #18....This car dealer committed fraud, and then turned around and got mad at the customer! How does such a dealer stay in business?

  20. Car Dealer Horror Story #19....This is about a car dealer who appears to be taking advantage of our precious soldiers who are so unselfishly serving Our country.

  21. Car Dealer Horror Story #20....These people bought a brand new car only to have the car dealer's incompetent service department turn the experience into a total nightmare for them!

  22. Car Dealer Horror Story #21....You want to talk about being shafted by a car dealership? This poor customer ran into the "Bonnie & Clyde" of car dealers!

  23. Car Dealer Horror Story #22....This dealer could be the biggest slimeball car dealer of all times! I'm telling you folks, they just don't get any lower than this jerk!

  24. Car Dealer Horror Story #23....This story demonstrates just how far a car dealer will go to get you into a car and down the road before you have a chance to think the deal through! There's no tomorrow in the car business!

  25. Car Dealer Horror Story #24....This person bought a used vehicle from a popular used car chain, had all kinds of mechanical problems, and found out the vehicle dad been wrecked. Then the car dealer refused to stand by a company guarantee!

  26. Car Dealer Horror Story #25....Here's a story about a car dealer who caused a customer to have her trade-in repossessed due to their pathetic ineptitude!

  27. Car Dealer Horror Story #26....This story is just so typical of what so many car dealers put their car buying customers through. It just makes You wonder what the heck they're thinking!

  28. Car Dealer Horror Story #27....A Story About How a Car Dealer Failed to Live Up to Contracted Promises Made to It's Customers!

  29. Car Dealer Horror Story #28....Read How This Car Dealership Totally Screwed-Up This Guy's New Corvette. Unbelievable!

  30. Car Dealer Horror Story #29....This Story Gives You a Good Idea of the Lengths that Some Car Dealers Will go to in Order to Lure You In Their Dealership.

  31. Car Dealer Horror Story #30....Here's a Story of How a Car Dealer Deliberately Withheld Vital Service Records on a Problem Vehicle Just so They Could Sell it to this Unsuspecting Customer!

  32. Car Dealer Horror Story #31....This Story Demonstrates How Some Car Dealer's Could Care Less About Their Customers Once They Get Them to Sign on the Dotted Line!

  33. Car Dealer Horror Story #32....This Car Dealer Lied About Getting a Car Loan Approved, and They Sold the Customer's Trade When Ultimately, They Couldn't Get the Car Loan Approved!

  34. Car Dealer Horror Story #33....This Guy Bought a Ford F150 demo, and When He Got it Home He Discovered it was Covered With Hail Damage!

  35. Car Dealer Horror Story #34....Here's a Case of a Car Dealer Reneging on Promises to Repair a Used Vehicle Sold to This Customer!

  36. Car Dealer Horror Story #35....This Person Bought a New Dodge Magnum Only to Find Out it Had Been Wrecked. Now the Car Dealer and Manufacturer is Denying any Knowledge of the Damage!

  37. Car Dealer Horror Story #36....Here's a Case of a Car Dealer Who Suffers From a Severe Case of MDD (Management Deficit Disorder)! Read On!

  38. Car Dealer Horror Story #37....What Happened to These Folks is so Typical. I Hear This Scenario All the Time. Read it and Learn From it!

  39. Car Dealer Horror Story #38....You Won't Believe What This Car Dealer Tried to Pull on This Woman! Just Unbelievable! This is One Pathetic Car Dealer!

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