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Tips on How to Get Better Gas Mileage!

With the price of gas being what it is today you can save yourself a lot of money each month by following some of the simple tips below:

  • Tire pressure plays a critical role in how much gas you use. Under inflated tires offer much more rolling resistance than properly inflated tires do. This extra resistance causes your car to use more gas.

    Keep you tires inflated to the maximum recommended pressure or at least close to it. This is usually around 35 psi. The car may ride a bit stiffer than you're used to, but it will roll a lot easier, thereby putting less strain on the engine. It will also coast better so you can take your foot out of the gas more often!

  • Whenever possible accelerate slowly and gradually. Sometimes you have to accelerate quickly, but if you pick your spots when merging into traffic you can avoid putting your foot into the gas any more than you have to. The more your foot is out of the gas the less gas you will use!
  • When coming to a stop sign or a red light back out of the gas a little earlier than you normally would. If your tire pressures are up your vehicle will cost more easily and you will use less gas.
  • Stay at or under the speed limit. Not only is it safer, but the faster you go the more gas you will use.
  • Keep your vehicle properly maintained for top efficiency. That means filters, spark plugs, fuel system, brakes, etc.
  • When going up long hills or grades take your car out of overdrive until you reach the top of the hill. If you leave it in overdrive when climbing a hill you will have to put your foot into the gas more to keep your momentum up.
  • When driving down long grades put your car in neutral and coast. If it's a steep downgrade leave it in gear and coast that way. The transmission will help slow you down a little on steep downgrades, but in any event try to keep your foot out of the gas for as long as you can.

Just remember, the more your foot is out of the gas the more gas you will save. A little here and a little there will add up to big savings. And at today's gas prices that could add up to a substantial amount of money!

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