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New Car Sales Person Says Her Customers are Rude, and
It's All My Fault Because of My Website!


I am a new salesperson in the car business. I am a female, 21 years old. I am shocked to see the amount of websites like yours, labeling salespeople seeing people like "a dog looking at a juicy pork chop!"

I am a very honest person, I help out my customers in any way that I can. Sometimes I have some really rude customers that come to sit in front of my desk and ask me to give them the best deal or else they will walk away! They are so rude, that they don't even face me. I don't even know what went wrong.

Then I read websites like yours and I understand why I have trouble trying to calm these angry customers being so rude to me. Have you had such a bad experience?

Sandra R.

My Response to This Email:

Hello Sandra,

Listen Sandra .. . I've been in the car business 37 years. It's my profession. I take offense when others in the business do things to give it a bad name. That pisses me off. I don't put any labels on any car salespeople. Some deserve to be labeled for sure, some are honest people trying to make a living in a very difficult industry.

You think my website is what causes people to have attitudes towards car salespeople? I go out of my way to tell the truth on my website. Everything written on my website is the absolute truth. Do all salespeople and car dealers try to rip people off? Of course not . . . and if you really took the time to read my website you would see that I tell my readers that there are many honest people in the car business.

I can't speak for other websites because 99% of them are written by morons who never spent one minute working in a car dealership. They all talk like they know something, but they know nothing. My website stands apart and above all the rest for that reason, so in essence, there are no other websites like mine!

The problems stem from the way car dealers do business. They are afraid the customer will go to another dealer and buy, so everything is geared towards getting the customer to buy "Today!" "Right Now!" There's no tomorrow in the car business. The system will never change, because in order for it to change all car dealers will have to operate in a different way. That will never happen. There will always be a dealer who is be willing to beat someone else's deal and it all starts all over again.

You, as a sales person are simply a tool for a car dealer to accomplish that goal. That is, to get the car down the road "Now." Your job is to take control of the customer and put them in a car. Don't let any of them walk, because if too many do you will be looking for a new job.

As far as your customers are concerned it's your job to get them settled down and relaxed. The reason they come in with an attitude is not because they read my website and get an attitude towards all car salespeople (how ridiculous), it's because they've been treated like a "juicy pork chop" as you say, before. Heck, most of your customers have a whole lot more experience at doing a car deal than you do!

Any person who's bought a few cars knows that they have to put up their guard. It's your job to use enough finesse to get past that guard and get them to trust you and like you. Then they won't be snarling at you. The car sales process is a step by step process with the first step being that you have to build some rapport with your customer. Give them a reason to like you. Don't react to their attitude. They just have their guard up.

You'll find that if you take your time and let them know that you are friendly and easy to deal with that their attitudes will change dramatically. Their guards will come down and they'll be friendly back to you. Smile a lot!

Get some experience under your belt first and see what the car business is really all about before you try to blame me for all your rude customers! It's quite obvious that you have no idea what really goes on in the car business. You'll find out soon enough if you stick with it!

All my very best...

Tony Iorio

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