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This Car Salesman Says You (the Customer) Have No Respect
For Him, and if You Bring Someone With You to the Dealership,
Well . . . That Person is an Idiot and You're Idiotic For Bringing Them!


My name is Shawn C. and I read your article. Some things I agree with, while others, well uh, let's just say that they are rather rude and crude.

Coming in right at closing does make us a bit upset, after all, when you have been working from 7:30 in the morning and now are looking forward to going home to spend a little time with your family, that late customer, as far as I am concerned has no respect for me, just him/herself.

I honestly want to take care of each and every one of my customers, but after a long hard day at work, I am just like the next person . . . I want to go home. You state that's when the customer gets the best deal. Not in my eyes it's not, nor shall it ever be! My family is priority and that's the bottom line!

You say you sold cars . . . how long? Articles such as yours mention some truths, but more so, a bunch of untruths! Bringing people with you to purchase a car is idiotic. If a person has to, at least bring someone with you who has good credit. I have found that more times than not, the "outsider" has horrible credit. Now, this is the idiot who is going to help someone get the so called "deal!" With today's modern technologies, anyone can access a computer and do their research.

All I ask is that if you are going to post things for your readers to read, at least insert the REAL truths, after all, you're the one who said you used to sell cars. Also, if I understood you correctly, you were the sales manager. If so, it was you who negotiated the deal with the customer . . . NOT the sales person!!!

My Response to This Email:

Hi Shawn,

OK Shawn, first of all I want to tell you to relax and lighten up a bit. Get a sense of humor will you?

Now, if you would have taken five minutes to read my web site you would know I've spent 37 years in the car business as a Body Shop Manager, a Service Manager, a salesman, an F & I Manager and a Sales Manager. I've been in the sales end of the business for the last 24 years.

How long have you been selling cars?

One bone I have to pick with you is your statement "Bringing people with you to purchase a car is idiotic."

I'll just overlook your statement that what I say on my website is "rather rude and crude." Actually . . . no, I won't overlook that statement. By virtue of you making that statement to me it makes YOU the one who is rude and crude!

Now getting back to your other statement; Why is it idiotic for a customer to bring someone with them to help them negotiate a deal? Not everyone who accompanies a potential customer is there to be a co-signer. What a stupid assumption on your part!

And even if a person has bad credit how does that make him an idiot and unqualified to help the other person? Have you ever heard of married couples? How about a father and daughter? There are countless other scenarios where someone might want to help another person with a car deal.

The fact is that YOU are acting idiotic saying the stupid stuff that you're saying in your email. That makes YOU the idiot, not your potential customer's helper!

If you would actually take the time to read through my website you will find that it is full of nothing but the truth. Maybe you've been working in a sheltered environment in your dealership where you have no clue about the crazy stuff that goes on in the car business.

I can tell you this for sure: you better be careful telling complete strangers via email that their statements are "rude and crude." I can absolutely tell you that you would never make that statement directly to my face in person. So then, what makes you think you can say those things in an email?

The car business has been my business for a long time and I take offense at the jerks who think the customer is there just to make them a pay check. The customer comes first. They are not idiots, and without the customer there would be no car dealership for you to work in. You have a lot of nerve talking out of your ass without giving your statements the slightest bit of intelligent thought.

Tony Iorio

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