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This Guy Wants to Use His "BIG GUN" and Torture You if You Go To His Dealership Armed With Advice From My Website!  ("BIG GUN???")


I'm sorry you were unfortunate enough to work for a store that I hope is the minority in our business. I'm an F & I Manager at a reputable local dealership and I can't believe the "advice" you post on your website.

First, I CAN offer rates lower than you (yes even you Tony) could get on your own and still make a modest profit. This is what is called win-win business and it happens everyday in the face of credit unions, local banks, et al. We do have "cheaper money" and its been that way for years.

Perhaps you should get in touch with today's car business and not dispense horse-shit advice on your experience that appears to be in the 1980's.

Second, if you suggest to these people to play obvious and well recognized games with car dealer employees, how do you think the dealer is going to handle your coached customer?

Remember CSI (Customer Service Index assigned to car dealers by the manufacturer based on the new car surveys received after buying a new vehicle) and how important it is to new car dealers? We'll tank a deal before we'll play games with an overly distrusting customer. They take the car for below net invoice, and due to what you call advice they slam us on the survey anyway. I'll pass!

I suggest you spend a year in today's car business before you waste any more time and energy on this nonsense you call a website. It sounds like you were weak anyway, maybe you could use a refresher course.

Here's some good advice - HONEST nice people get treated honestly and fairly. Your obvious and tired advice any car dealer would see from a mile away, and I personally would enjoy nothing more than to use my "BIG GUN" and torture this game player.


Matt K.

My Response to This Email:

Hi Matt,

You are very obviously intimidated by any customer who comes into your car dealership armed with information and knowledge that gives them an edge.

Why don't you grow up and stop getting your feelings hurt so easily. When it comes to customers being taken advantage of, your department - the F & I Dept. - is where the customer has their worst experience during the car buying process. So stop pretending to be so innocent.

I have hundreds of as-of-yet unpublished emails from people who were taken advantage of in the F & I Dept. And guess what Matt, the emails I receive are not from the 80's! They are about crap that goes on now - today - in car dealerships across the country!

Your comment "I personally would enjoy nothing more than to use my "BIG GUN" and torture this game player" pretty much tells us what you're all about!

Tony Iorio

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