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"You're (meaning me) a Parasite, a Slime-Ball and a Scumbag!
Burn In Hell!"  OUCH!

Good day sir,

Your web site is littered with with a excessive over-abundance of ads. Your headlines about car salespeople ("A Car Salesman Shows His True Colors!" for example) are quite obviously sensationalistic dribble. And your posts clearly shows that your attitude is one of someone who has floundered in an industry that can be productive for the workers as well as the clients given a positive approach on either party's behalf.

People like you are the reason members of the industry (or any sales based profession) have a bad name. I wonder if you'd be comfortable sharing with your readers how much money your web site makes on advertising and referral income? Probably not. And I wonder how many hits you would get if your site told the truth rather than the tabloid-esque stories you have nestled in between your ample ads? Probably far less.

You're a parasite. Preying on the idiots who surf the web thinking they can learn previously unknown 'secrets' by reading the garbage you post. And I'm sure that deep down, in the darkest little corners of your negative mind, you know what a slime-ball you are.

Burn in hell, scumbag.

Janice D.

My Response to This Email:

Hi Janice,

It never ceases to amaze me how the anonymity of email emboldens people like you to make stupid, rude, insulting and downright vicious statements to absolute strangers, knowing full well that you would never have the courage to say those same things to my face in person.

You don't know me or anything about me, which is evident by the fact that you obviously have not taken any time to read through my website, yet in your short three paragraph diatribe you call me a parasite, a slime-ball, a scumbag and you tell me to burn in hell! OUCH! Having a bad day or what?

Who's the one with the dark little corners in their negative mind?

I have to tell you though Janice, being ugly and evil towards me is one thing, but calling my website visitors "idiots" just because they're searching for information to give themselves an edge before they have to go up against a predator like you is . . . well, let's just say it shows YOUR true colors, plain and simple.

You've exposed yourself for what you really are. You have completely validated the very reason for the existence of my website! Thank you very much!

Everything on my website is the absolute truth. There's no fluff . . . no bull . . . it just tells the truth about how the industry works. It gives my visitors an edge to protect themselves against all kinds of crazy crap that goes on in car dealerships. To be fair - and again - if you would have taken some time to read my website instead of going so far off the deep end you would see that I say all through my website that most people in the car business are honest, decent people. I advise my visitors that when they find such a person to stick with them and to refer everyone they know to them.

There are however, some people in the business who could care less about their customers and they treat them accordingly. To make things even worse, the system itself is so screwed up that it creates countless situations where the sales person is constantly put in a compromising position. And don't even get me started talking about all the different ways a customer can, and does get screwed over in the F & I Dept.

You think that as you say "people like me" are the reason the car business has a bad name, but the car business has been screwing over customers for more years than I've been around. It's car dealers insisting on cutting each other's throats, and their willing minions such as yourself who blindly follow orders on every deal that leads to all the chaos and the bad reputations . . . Not Little Old Me!

And as far as the advertising on my website goes, I know that you think that my web site visitors are all "idiots," but trust me, they can see just as well as you can; probably a whole lot more clearly in fact.

There's no doubt that what little bit of my web site you actually read clearly hit a raw nerve in you. You've heard the expression "The Truth Really Hurts" haven't you? I can't even begin to imagine what an incredibly negative and horrible experience it must be for a customer to be waited on by you. I pity them, and I pity you for carrying around such wicked hatred in your heart.

You should be ashamed of yourself for saying the nasty things you said in your email. There is absolutely no way that you can possibly be feeling very good about yourself after unleashing your own version of as you say "sensationalistic dribble!"

Just so you know, I will be posting your email and my response on my website for the whole world to see. You have exposed yourself Janice!

Janice, I feel sorry for you, but "With God All Things Are Possible," so I know there's hope for you!

Tony Iorio

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