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Example of a Misleading Car Dealer Ad

In my writings around this website I've often warned people not to take car dealer ads at face value. There's always some catch! They just want to get you in the door so their "Sales Machine" can go to work on you and turn you into a "Today Buyer!"

I'm sure you've seen similar examples of this scam before, but here's an example I recently gleaned from a local newspaper in my area here in northeast Ohio:


It's Back For A Limited Time...The Sale Everyone Waits For, The Sale You Can't Afford To Miss!!!

It's the (Dealer Name) Ford's $2500...(At Least*) Guaranteed Minimum Trade-In Event!!!

In Microscopic Fine Print at the bottom of the ad it reads:

* New Cars, Program Cars and Vehicles Under $7,995 not applicable for minimum trade-in offer. Program Cars are previous lease cars, rental cars or factory demonstrators!

So you drag in a piece of junk worth $100 and they will give you at least $2,500 as long as you don't buy a new car, a Program Car and a car priced under $7,995! If they are really sincere about this minimum trade-in offer then why don't they offer it across the board on all cars?

Here's what they do! The night before the sale the prices on the "qualifying cars" are all jacked-up $2,500! You could go in with no trade and still get the $2,500 off! And you'll still be paying the retail price from the day before! There's no mystery here.

It's a Gimmick...It's a Scam...It's Deceptive...and It's Sleazy! - plain and simple!

The interesting thing is that dealers use this particular tactic regularly, so that tells me that people are falling for this junk all the time. Please, don't be one of them! You've BEEN WARNED!

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